Becoming a Global MegaTrends Partner

Building a local online marketplace for your community

The Partner Program

Nearzy is very flexible and there are many ways for partners to benefit from the technology while earning financial rewards. We provide the technology and we ask out partners to reach out to their community and find businesses that want better local advertising options.

Some examples of organizations that would benefit from becoming Global MegaTrend partners are:

  • Shopping Malls
  • Shop Local Programs
  • Chamber of Commerce Groups
  • Economic Development Groups
  • Community Social Clubs
  • Church or Non-profit Groups that connect their membership with other members. This is a monitored, private group
  • Fundraiser Groups
  • Cell Phone Manufacturers or Cell Phone Companies
  • ISP Suppliers with established consumer and business relationships
  • Television/Radio Stations

Partners would approach businesses about making a Nearzy account. Businesses can select a plan that could include online inventory listings, sending coupons and promotions to subscribed customers, and more. Partners benefit financially in two ways: bringing businesses onto their website and bringing consumers to Nearzy. Global MegaTrends provides the promotion package, videos and website assistance. This makes it easy to connect to local businesses and inform them of the program.