About Global MegaTrends

Our Past, Present and Future

Global MegaTrends' vision has always been to make finding local “stuff” on the internet easy. Smart phones and high speed data make this possible. Advancing technology is accompanied by higher user expections. It’s just not enough to tell consumers the name of your business—they want more.

We started by helping consumers use the internet to find the perfect automobile. We displayed millions of cars across the country...and we learned. We learned the importance of partnering and a trusted channel. We learned the kinds of metrics that businesses value. And we invented and then re-invented.

Today Global MegaTrends has expanded to include not just automobiles, but every kind of business and service. We are painfully aware that local businesses need a way to promote their name and products on the internet in order to compete in today's ecommerce world. We want to see local business thrive and we have developed the product to make that happen. We feel confident that as people catch Global MegaTrends' vision that it will be an easy decision for them to join us in this endeavor to connect local businesses to local customers.


The founders and contributors at Global MegaTrends believe in our market and believe in our product. We have labored hard and long to create the local shopping solution that the market needs today!

Stephen Cornaby

  • Founder and Principle Investor
  • BSEE Brigham Young University
  • Market Analysis, CEO, President, Product Definition

Adam Erickson

  • CTO, Architect, IT
  • Experience at Amazon, Oracle. Created core engine.