Local Shopping Using Nearzy Rivals Online Shopping

Progress for Local Retail

Nearzy Was Built to Promote Local Shopping in our Online World

Local consumers want local shopping to have the same features as online shopping. Nearzy delivers!

Imagine the convenience of a single website with products from several local businesses like they get with the most popular online shopping sites. Nearzy is the first central platform that allows local businesses to combine their coupons, sale items and services offered onto a single site and easily reach out to local consumers.

There are many reasons that consumers want to purchase locally, but ultimately they often buy online due to convenience. Local retailers, including shopping malls, are suffering because online sales are crowding out their business. Nearzy reverses this trend by providing a shopping experience that delivers the ease of online shopping with the gratification and pride of supporting local businesses.

Nearzy also solves the problem of notification overload by allowing consumers to choose their shopping preferences. They can get coupons and ads from all of their favorite businesses in one email or text notification, and they only get notifications for items of interest. This way they are more likely to browse the ads during a coffee break. More consumers looking at relevant ads means more local purchases.

Consumers love the ease of shopping with Nearzy. They can immediately get the products and services they need while supporting their community.

It's easy. It's Nearzy.