Smartphones Are the New Display Window to Shopping Malls

Increase Mall Business Using Nearzy

Shopping Malls Can Compete With Online Marketplaces using Nearzy

Shopping malls are big...really big! There is a lot to see and a lot to buy. But the internet has changed the way that consumers make purchases. They want easy access to item information via their phone, tablet or computer so that they can comparison shop before buying. This virtual shopping saves the consumer time and money. If they can’t get the information they need, they simply go home and shop online.

Nearzy energizes the shopping mall experience by making it easy for businesses to create a consolidated feel to the mall. One website, one user interface, one shopping engine – but all of the products from each individual store.

Businesses can advertise using coupons, planned specials and can even create “flash specials” that bring in foot traffic. And instead of filling up a customer’s inbox with hundreds of emails that they will delete, the mall can send out a single email notification that contains only the categories of interest to the particular consumer. No more deleting inbox emails as fast as they are received to keep a tidy inbox. Consumers will actually look at these ads because they asked for them.

Nearzy connects mall shoppers with businesses, increases foot traffic, and gives consumers and stores the ideal advertising solution.