Nearzy Combines the Ease of Online Shopping with the Benefits of Buying Locally

Global MegaTrends introduces Nearzy, a powerful full-service shopping platform that connects local businesses with local consumers. Nearzy is smartphone and tablet friendly so finding and promoting local products is easier for everyone.
That is our mission.

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Nearzy Can Revitalize Shopping Malls

Shopping malls and outlet malls are in trouble! Ecommerce has changed the way consumers shop and businesses need to adapt.

Instead of browsing the mall, consumers turn to the internet to do their research and then try to find the best deal. They want online product information so they can make value comparisons from their home, car or office. When they decide what they want, they are ready to go to the store and make their purchase.

Shopping expectations have changed and Nearzy is ready!

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Shop Local for Communities

Are you involved with promoting your community businesses?
Have you ever considered a shop local program to encourage residents to buy locally?

Nearzy has the platform to advertise all your local businesses. As a community leader, you have the credibility and consumer contacts to invite people to your community-branded website!

Businesses in your community trust you to promote your community and their businesses. Nearzy can help you create your own community website that shows what your local businesses have to offer. This community website even generates a profit for you. Plus the sales tax benefits and the ability to attract new businesses makes a Nearzy shop local program a great decision!

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Nearzy Breathes New Life Into Local Businesses

Today's trends towards online purchases threaten local businesses. Nearzy allows customers to search for businesses, services and even sales within a customer-established geographical range. It will give businesses the tools to advertise easily and effectively to local customers and allows customers the flexibility to receive the promotions they want. These videos demonstrate some of the Nearzy functionality.

Browsing Categories Using Filters

See how filters can be used to find a certain type of local restaurant and even view detailed menu information.



Searching for an item to buy or a business by type is easy on Nearzy.


Setting Advertising Preferences

The customer gets to choose the type of advertisements and promotions to receive and specific businesses to include or exclude.


Use the Favorites Feature

Save businesses and items to be used again. You can even use it to make a grocery list.